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The reason behind establishing The William J. Clinton Foundation was to promote and support a huge number of humanitarian/improver causes. Within the foundation, the William J. Clinton Foundation HIV and AIDS Initiative function to increase the affordability of HIV/AIDS for the commoners and to implement large-scale integrated care, prevention programs and treatment.

The CGI holds annual conferences, which gather people with ideas and people with money. The objective is to have the group with money subscribe some of that money for doing certain things within a certain time frame.

The CGI, supported by the Clinton Foundation, was founded in New York City to co-occur with the World Summit 2005. The main areas of the initiative are the efforts to address global problems, for example, poverty alleviation, global public health, and religious and ethnic conflict.

A longstanding commitment of Clinton to the environment is the reason behind the existence of “The Clinton Foundation Climate Change Initiative”. It aims to reduce the global dependency on oil, saving money for governments and individuals, growing economies, and creating jobs. Clinton also donated the saxophone that he played at his opening ceremony to the American Jazz Museum.

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