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Perks-a-Million Program

Giving Back to You What You Give to the Stars

They say charity begins at home. So to thank all our donors, One United Charity offers each every donor who supports our stars’ charities a one-year subscription to our exclusive Perks-a-Million Program.

These are no ordinary savings coupon book—here today, gone tomorrow. On the contrary, these are ongoing savings opportunities you can use at home, where you live. And it’s all high-tech. No old-school, 20th century coupon books here. Your smart phone IS your coupon book.

On the contrary, our Perks-a-Million Program allows donors to save literally hundreds of dollars each and every month on commonly-used goods and services in their own hometowns, around the nation, and around the world. It’s an exclusive perk for participation in One United Charity.

Over 350,00,000 top companies—home improvement outlets, famous restaurants (both national and local), leading drug store chains and department stores, local dry cleaners, pest control services, and others far too numerous to list here—have joined together under the One United Charity banner to offer generous savings to our donors to offset their donations. These are not merely one-time discounts. These are savings perks you can use over and over again, each and every week or month for a full year.

They are, in effect, your partners with the stars in bringing hope and renewal to the many fine charities we support at One United Charity. They have made a one-year commitment to each and One United Charity donor.And all you need to access these perks is your smartphone.

For more information and a complete list of available perks in your area, click here.